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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

#1. Learn How to Fish

Our fishing camp is fun and informative, offering the perfect opportunity for campers who have never fished before to learn how it’s done. Campers learn how to bait their rod, cast it out into the water and reel in a catch. Campers that already know how to fish can help others catch on.

#2. Gain a Greater Appreciation for Nature

Kids spend more time indoors these days than any generation before. Even living surrounded by Florida’s beautiful and varied ecosystems, kids spend most of their days in classrooms or on computers. Fishing gets kids away from the gadgets and artificial lights, just enjoying a pure good time in nature.

#3. Teaches Good Morals and Ethics

Fishing presents the opportunity to teach kids about issues regarding good morals and ethics. For instance, don’t crowd another fisherman if he/she has found a great spot, or slow down as you pass other anglers on a boat. If someone needs help baiting a line, or runs out of bait, step in and help. Kids learn that respecting others and playing nice feels good and creates a fun environment for everyone; a life lesson kids can take with them forever.

#4. Teaches the Importance of Patience

Catching a good fish takes time and lots of patience, something younger kids struggle to learn. Eventually, if you wait it out long enough, a fish will come in for a bite. The fishing process shows kids it’s worth it to be patient because it results in a positive outcome.

#5. Helps Improve Motor Skills & Coordination

Fishing isn’t as easy as it looks, it requires balance and skill. Every aspect of the experience helps to enrich motor skills and coordination.

#6. Helps Improve Listening Skills

You must exercise your listening ears to learn something new. Learning something fun and exciting, like fishing, gets kids more interested in listening by showing them how much fun it can be.

#7. Teaches Campers About Sustainable Food Sources

Living in a world of over processed foods, it’s easy for kids to lose sight of what’s real. By taking kids fishing, you show them a sustainable and natural way to obtain healthy food that is not embellished with dyes, fillers, and toxins.

#8. Teaches Respect for Wildlife

A fish must give up his life to become a meal for a fisherman, and this sacrifice should be greatly appreciated. To sustain food sources, and our planet at large, we must cherish our oceans and waterways and take good care of them. This is a good opportunity to discuss pollution with kids and how it negatively impacts the ocean and health of sea life. As well as ways kids directly impact the environment and how they can help.

#9. Helps Kids Relax

Even kids experience stress and anxiety, and fishing is a great way to calm down, take a deep breath and just enjoy life. Kids chat, laugh, celebrate, and focus hard at the task at hand, all of which helps clear the mind and relax the body. In some cases, reducing your child’s stress levels can help reduce behavioral issues.

#10. Learn About South Florida’s Diverse Eco Systems

South Florida has such diverse landscapes and interconnected eco systems, there is just so much for kids to learn about and appreciate. While kids are out on the water, they learn about different types of fish and marine life, among many other things about Florida’s waterways and oceans.

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