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Meet Our Founder

I know what it’s like to go without it, and have people turn their back on you. My goal was to impact  one community at a time. Supplying them with the basic necessities to thrive. By doing this, it would give a sense of hope and the desire to keep striving. It's hard focusing on anything when you are trying to figure out how to make it. I just want them to know that someone cares. 

Kimotta Johnson

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Our Mission

Doing Good in the Hood Incorporated is a

non-profit organization dedicated to helping people help themselves. We seek to restore the dignity and quality of life for people affected by conflict by eliminating barriers to success through innovative education, direct outreach and community-driven aid. Guided by the aspirations of the people we serve, we pursue this mission with compassion, transparency, and generosity.”

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What is it that we do

We know that all it takes to make a difference in the world is a little motivation and support. For over 6 years, we have been committed to making an impact in our communities. Doing Good In The Hood is not just a catchy name, it is what we do. Our organization started in 2014 with a group of Facebook friends that had only one mission in mind, and that was to serve. Over the years, we have grown into a multi- functioning, non profit operation that serves hundreds of families, on a monthly basis. 

Most of the families that we serve live in communities that are below the poverty level.

We are successful in our missions because of the continuous support of volunteers.

 Our goal is to restore hope and opportunities in the lives of families by providing day to day necessities. Toothpaste and toothbrushes, soap, razors, personal hygiene items, hair care products, deodorant, sanitizer, mask, household items , clothes, shoes, can and dry foods, school supplies are a few of the items that we provide.

None of this would be possible without volunteers, donors, and our sponsors. This joint effort allows us to  address a lot of the challenges many families face today.  Our ultimate goal is to foster love, support, and unity in the communities. ​


We are Doing Good in the Hood!!




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